Hip-hop Artist Zoee Releases Brand New Music

Independent Hip-Hop Artist Zoee released his Single “Legendary” today Dec 18th 2020. This tracks is very inspirational, it breaks down how we feel when we’re grinding every single day. Zoee’s Grind inspired him to create “Legendary”.

More than just your traditional music artist… He is willing to learn the music industry with a
business mind-state being developed and managed by Andrea’s Talent Management. He has
never turned down an opportunity to spotlight his musical dreams with admiration on launching his label. Providing a different angle of lyrics flowing on Caribbean beats for listeners to contemplate and staying true to his musical roots.

Born in port au prince Haiti came to America at 4 years old, raised in Jacksonville Fl,
ZOEE started writing poetry at the young age of (7), and has been rapping and grinding
over 10 years since 2009. Zoee has released 4 mixtapes, 3 singles and 1 album. He is currently
working promoting his new single titled “Legendary”. Zoee maintain’s a presence within the
city of Jacksonville, performing at various locations.

ZOEE’s music ranges from many different levels, he calls it “music for the soul”. Zoee writes music about the every day hustle, grinding, religion, politics and much more. Zoee is not only a Revolutionary, He is a God fearing and spiritual. Zoee believes in Jesus Christ and
being A Man for the people. Zoee is The CEO of his own record label called: Nou La
Records which he founded in 2020 #NLR which means “We here” in French creole
translation. Zoee writes his own music based on his everyday life experiences.

ZOEE has a story to tell, and musical vision to be heard!!!

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