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New Talent Alert
We have exciting news today at Andreas Talent Management (#ATM). So let the drums roll!
Joining our Roster of Talent who are passionate about seeing their dreams come true is a extremely talented artist. Loaded with rhymes and skilled on the beats, he joined ATM in December 2020. So without further ado, let’s welcome Bar-Code!

Bar-Code is a fast-rising independent artist out of Jacksonville Florida. His love of music started at a very young age. Even as he focused on other things, his passion for music continued to drive him eventually taking off in the music industry as Bar-Code.

Wondering how he came up with this unique name? Don’t bother, you wouldn’t guess
it right even with a thousand chances. He got his name when his uncle gave him a list of many
names to choose from. A look at the name Bar-Code told him it was a perfect match for him. And just like that, Bar-Code he became.

Musical Achievements
Bar-Code has taken a large stride into the music industry and is already accomplishing great
results in his short musical journey. Always one to go all out once he makes a decision, Bar-Code has already released many singles. Some of the most popular hits amongst them include ‘Shawty on go”, ‘Trust’, and ‘Pass Dat’. If those smooth lines and perfect rhythm don’t confirm Bar-Code’s flawless musical talent, then nothing else will.

Dreams and Aspirations
For Bar-Code, the sky is the starting point. One view he has held onto is that he can be whatever he set his mind to be. This is the foundation of his aspiration of being nominated one day for an Oscar and Grammy. He also looks forward to the day he will win the lyricist of the year. And so motivated by this vivid future, he works hard and keeps grinding. This trait is the reason why his fans will continue to see and hear better music from Bar-Code.

The music industry continues to improve with every new artist and song release. Holding most
in high esteem, Bar-Code particularly respects Lil Wayne, Biggie, 2Pac, Drake, and Eminem.
These great musicians with awesome music continue to encourage him not to settle for less.

Bar-Code is also an automobile enthusiast. He takes great interest in the industry
and its culture. So when he is not working on his music at the studio, you can catch him
under the hood of a car. At the same time, Bar-Code enjoys playing PlayStation. He would choose this any day over Xbox. His favorite basketball team remains the Lakers. As a result, he along with so many others continue to mourn the death of Kobe Bryant. Likewise, in the music industry, RIP Pop Smoke and Juice World.

With all of these great and awesome features, Andreas Talent Management is elated to
welcome Bar-code as our new addition to our #ATM Talent. If you hear about a certain rising Hiphop star, check back, it just might be Bar-code


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